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Vintage tone

Inspired setting

Fearless production

About yellow DOG Studios

Located just outside of Austin on a ranch two miles from Wimberley, Texas, yellow DOG is a private state of the art residential studio that couples the best attributes of both analog and digital recording mediums with a collection of vintage and boutique instruments and amplifiers.    


Award winning producers/engineers David Percefull, Adam J. Odor, Casey Johns and Colton King have over a century of combined experience producing, recording, mixing and mastering with nearly 2 billion streams.    


  • Mixing

  • Mastering 

  • Ensemble Tracking

  • Orchestral Arrangements

  • Pre/Post production

  • Tape Layback

  • Music for film and broadcast

© 2020 yellow DOG Studios

© 2020 yellow DOG Studios


©2022 yellow DOG Studios

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