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yellow DOG Studio A is centered around a fully analog 32 channel Trident 88 console paired with a vintage Amek / Neve 9098i 12 channel sidecar and a Sony/MCI JH24 2"/24 track analog tape machine coupled with Pro Tools 12 via an Endless Analog CLASP.  A completely analog front end and 2" tape as an option,  with storage, editing and playback through pristine Antelope converters and digital clocking.  We've utilized the best of both analog and digital domains, and with CLASP we are able to eliminate the heavy expense of magnetic tape from the project budget. Studio A boasts a spacious 1472 square foot live room with 12' ceiling height,  as well as 3 isolation rooms totaling 384 square feet, all with 10' ceiling heights. 




Trident 88 / 32 mic pre's / 40 eq's / 8 aux / 8 bus / 32 in-line monitors

Amek / Nev9089i / 12 mic pres / 12 eq's / 8 bus / 12 in-line monitors 


Rupert Neve Designs 5211 pre amps / pair

Rupert Neve Designs 5012 pre amps / pair

Warm WA73 / 1073 pre amp + EQ - modded

Chandler Germanium pre amp

Warm EQP WA (Pultec PEQ inspired) - modded / 4

dbx 160 VU

dbx 165 (modded / limiter bypassed)

Warm Audio WA76 (1176) -modded / 4

Warm Audio WA2A (LA2A) -modded

Warm Bus Comp (SSL) - modded

dbx 160X (modded) / pair

Lee Jackson Big Iron (dbx 160 w/ Sawter trannys) - stereo

Federal AM864/U (modded / Fairchild inspired)

Sir George Martin Double Vibrocated Sploshing Flanger

Fender FR1000 spring reverb / vintage

Maestro Echoplex EP-3 / vintage

Roland RE 201 Space Echo


Condenser microphones:

Neumann U 87 / vintage

Telefunken TF39 copperhead

Neumann / Telefunken U48 short body 

Neumann / Gefell Mv102 tube w/ K67 capsule / vintage

Neumann / Gefell MK221 / vintage

TAB Funkenwerk U67 FET / custom

Warm Audio U87 / pair

Warm Audio U67

Warm Audio U47

Warm Audio U47 FET

Warm 251

Warm 414 / brass cap

Warm 8000

ElectroVoice  RE2000 / vintage

AKG C3000  / vintage

Oktava MK-219 / modded

Arcutt AMI FS44  (KM84 / Mercenary KM69)

Roswell Audio K47 (Fet 47-inspired) / pair

AKG 214 / matched pair

Neumann U 57 / vintage *available upon request

Neumann M147 *available upon request

Neumann/Geffell UM705 *available upon request

Ribbon microphones:



Royer R10                                    

Beyer M160 / 2

Stager SR-2N

Cascade Fathead / classic / 3

Cascade Fathead w/ AMI transformers + Archutt mods / 2

Cascade X15 (w/ AMI transformers and mods (stereo)

CAD Trion


Dynamic microphones


Shure SM57 / 5

Shure SM7b / 3

Shure Beta 87A

Shure Beta 52

Telefunken 421 - vintage / tan / 3

Sennheiser 421 - vintage / black

Sennheiser 421

Shure Unidyne SM57 -vintage / 3

Shure SM57 - AMI mod / transformerless

ElectroVoice 408

ElectroVoice 641 / 2

Shure 510S - vintage

Shure 520DX  - green bullet


DAW / analog recorders / monitoring:                             


Pro Tools 12 Ultimate

Antelope Audio Orion 32 AD/DA converter and clock - 32 channels

Mac mini w/ 64 GB RAM /  3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 / pair

Sony/MCI JH24 2" / 24 track 

Endless Analog CLASP 

Yamaha NS10m Studio / pair

Avantone CLA200 power amp

JBL 308P MKII / pair 

Rupert Neve Designs headphone amp - prototype

Aviom personal monitoring system w/ 6-A16II mixers / 6

Sennheiser HD280 PRO / 8


Plug ins:                               


Slate, Waves, Valhalla, Massey, Avid, Line 6, Trillium Labs, Antares, SSL

Dolby ATMOS Mastering Suite​



Little Labs IBP phase alignment tool / 2

Rupert Neve Designs active DI

Live Wire passive DI /2

Whirlwind Director passive DI

Rapco db100 passive DI

Sans Amp Bass Driver active DI

Whirlwind cannon passive DI / 4

Shure in-line pad / 6


Guitars / basses:                


Epiphone Sheraton

Epiphone Casino

Epiphone Wildkat w/ Bigsby                              

Gibson ES-335 w/ Lollar Imperial PUPs

Gibson ES-335 custom shop '59 dot re-issue

Gibson Sonex  '81

Fender Stratocaster '77 hardtail w/ Dimarzio PUPs

Fender Stratocaster w/ Abigail Ybarra PUPs

Fender Stratocaster w/ Seymour Duncan PUPs

Fender Telecaster / custom shop

Gibson Les Paul Junior  w/ P90 PUP 

Oatley / Teisco baritone 

Oatley 6120 w/ vintage Filtertron PUPs

Squire Jazzmaster baritone with Lollar PUPs 

Teisco del Rey tulip solid body

Yamaha FG345 '76

Yamaha Dynamic No. 10 classical guitar '62

Takamine EF385 12 string '78

Martin HD-35 / custom shop - '06

Recording King ROS-06 w/ Nashville high strings

Taylor 12-e classical

Alvarez 76' auditorium body

Alvarez 76' dreadnaught body

Taylor 8Ams 16ce

Gibson Hummingbird

Epiphone EJ200

Gregg Guitars Telecaster

Epiphone ES-335 dot

Fender Mary Kaye Stratocaster w/ Fat 50 PUPs

Gibson SG / custom shop

Silvertone  94'

Gibson J 45

Dobro Hound Dog resonator/ round neck

Gretsch resonator / round neck / vintage

Washburn banjo

Epiphone Thunderbird

Fender Jazz bass w/ Fralin PUPs

Epiphone Thunderbird bass

Epiphone Jack Cassidy bass

Fender Precision bass '51 reissue w/ flatwounds

Fender Jazz Fretless bass w/ flatwounds

Brubaker 5 string bass

Goldtone Regal mandolin

Kentucky mandolin

Martin Ukulele 1912




Hammond A100 / modded

Leslie 145

Leslie 245 w/ reverb

Hammond B3 w/ reverb

Leslie 122

Wurlitzer 145 (modded)

Wurlitzer 200a

Mellotron M4000D

Sequential Circuits Prophet REV 2 analogue synth

Arturia MicroBrute analog synth

Reason w/ Abbey Road keys

Vienna strings

F. Radle upright grand piano - 1898

Baldwin model H  5' 8" grand piano - 1920

Fender Rhodes 73 Mark I 

Farfisa Compact Organ C2/143

Amps / speakers:                

Lee Jackson prototype 1812 / Plexi vs. Super Reverb  

Marshall JCM 900 / Lee Jackson modded

Supro w/ orig 8" speaker / Lee Jackson mods

Ceriatone OTS Mini 20 Tenn Amp

Marshall 1959HW Plexi / re-issue  

Marshall JCM800 / Lee Jackson modded

Fender Vibrolux / 68' re-issue - modded

Custom Tones Ethos                                            

Ampeg SVP Pro tube pre-amp + Crown power amp

Ampeg B12 / vintage

Epiphone  Valve Jr

Branham 30 watt head

Divided By 13 SJT 10/20

Vox Night Train / 15 watt head

Leslie 125 w/ Eminence 15" w/ custom switching

Epiphone 1x10 cab w/ Jensen 

1x12 isolation cab w/ Celestion G1275T / vintage pre Rola creambacks / 2

Avatar 2x12 cab w/ Celestion G1275T / vintage pre Rola creambacks

Ampeg SVT 810E cab

Marshall 1965a 4x10 cab w/Celestion G10L-35's

Drums / percussion:         


Ludwig 3 pc shell kit / vintage 68'

Yamaha Anton Fig snare

DW Craviotto snare

Ludwig Supraphonic snare / vintage 64'

Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

Slingerland marching snare

PDP popcorn snare

Zyldijan custom 14" hats

Meinl 21" medium crash / ride

Meinl 20" thin ride

Menl 22" china

Paiste 18" fast crash

Sabian 20" crash / ride

DW 5000 kick drum pedal

Iron Cobra double kick pedal

Misc percussion


Stomp boxes:                     


Lee Jackson Mr. Springgy 

Lee Jackson Fuzzy Finger w/ 'Fried' mode 

Lee Jackson Finger Blaster 

Lee Jackson Clean Boost

Vertex Steel String Singer

Vertex Ultraphonix Overdrive

Rocktron Banshee 2 talkbox

Dunlop Swollen Pickle  

Dunlop Univibe (vintage / modded)

Dunlop Hendrix Wah (modded)

Electro Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff

Fulltone Supa Trem

Electro Harmonix Big Muff PI (vintage)

ZVex Wooley Mammoth

ZVex Mastodon

Digitech Whammy

Old School FX Indigenous Donkey

Old School FX Fat Penguin

Old School FX Rootless Tree

Old School FX Invisible Robot

Old School FX Black Lung

Old School FX Chelsea Nights

Line 6 Filter Modeler

MXR Phase 90

Caroline Kilobyte lo fi delay

MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe


© 2024 yellow DOG Studios

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