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yellow DOG Studio D is dedicated to mixing, overdubbing and pre-mastering and features a Slate Raven with Pro Tools 12 ULTIMATE, robust plug in collection, Prism conversion and clocking, boutique outboard gear and a heavily modified Otari MTR10 analog stereo tape machine.

Control surface:                     


Slate Raven MTi2


Rupert Neve Designs 5211 pre amps / pair

Rupert Neve Designs Newton Channnel

SSL Bus + stereo compressor

EMI / Chandler 660 tube compresso

Prism pre amp (pair)

Condenser microphones:

Neumann U 57 / vintage (1961)

Neumann M147 (1995)

Neumann/Geffell UM705 (1972)

Neumann-Geffell MV102 w/ K67 capsule (1963)

Dynamic microphones

Telefunken 421 - vintage / tan (1962)


DAW / analog recorders / monitoring:                             


Pro Tools 12 Ultimate

Prism Lyra

Mac mini w/ 64 GB RAM /  3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 / pair

Otari MTR 10 (Lee Jackson modified

Focal Shape dual twin 5" (pair)

Focal Sub One

Slate VSX headphone

Sennheiser HD280 PRO headphone / 1


Plug ins:                               


Slate, Waves, Valhalla, Massey, Avid, Line 6, Trillium Labs, Antares, SSL, UAD native, Sibelius

Guitars / basses:

Martin D-41 (1976)

Martin D-35 (1999)

Martin 0016C (1962)

Martin Ukulele (1916)

Gibson J-45 (2003)

Gibson ES-125 (1962)

Gibson ES-335 custom shop 59' re-issue (2008)

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (1972)

Gibson SG Pro (1972)

Gibson Les Paul Special double cutaway (2005)

Gibson J-45 (2003)

Fender Stratocaster (1976)

Fender Telecaster (2023)

Fender Mustang Bass 1964 re-issue (2023)

Gretsch 6122 (1967)

Fender Squire Jazzmaster Baritone (2011)

Alvarez 5056 / Tree of Life (1976)

Supro Comet lap steel (1947)

Rickenbacker 330 12 string (2016)

Danelectro electric Sitar



Kawaii KG2 grand piano 1978


M Audio Hammer

Sonic Academy ANA 2

Analog Lab V

Arturia B3 V2

Waves Clavinet

Waves Electric Grandon 80

Waves Electric 200

Waves Electric 88

Arteria Mellotron V

Vienna Instruments

Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Two    


Amps / speakers:                

Lee Jackson custom Plexi

Custom Tones Ethos

Greer Special 20

Fender Princeton                                           

Stomp boxes:                     

Vertex Ultraphonix Overdrive

Fulltone Supa Trem

MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe

MXR Phase 90


© 2024 yellow DOG Studios

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