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yellow DOG Studio B is centered around a fully analog vintage Neve 5542 console with 8-80 series tape return channels utilizing Pro Tools 12 and a TEAC A-3340 4 track tape machine for overdubbing. The live room in Studio B is 170 square feet with a ceiling height of 9', making it perfect for overdubbing sessions as well as summing, and digital pre/post production.



Neve 5542 with 8 stereo 34149 return / EQ modules


DBX 266 XS stereo compressor

Neve 511 pre amp

SSL SIX pre amp/ EQ/ compressor (pair)

Cranborne Audio Camden pre amp


DAW / analog recorders / monitoring:                             


Pro Tools 12 Ultimate 

Sennheiser HD280 PRO / 2

Focal Alpha 65 (pair)


Plug ins:                               


Slate, Waves, Valhalla, Massey, Avid, Line 6, Trillium Labs, Antares, SSL

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